Short Note Sep2016-Feb 2017

Sep 2016 – gave a talk at ATPER meeting in Brussel (Thai Megaraptora). Analyzed theropod teeth from Thailand and writing manuscript.

Oct 2016 – poster presentation at SVP meeting in Utah (Thai Metriacanthosaurid), field trip, museum visit and collected data (Allosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Terratophoneus, Lythronax, Falcarius, Mashosaurus etc.) at UMNH

Nov 2016 – museum visit and collected data at MSNM Milan (Spinosaurus)

Dec 2016 – manuscript writing, analyzed Siamotyrannus and Datanglong phylogeny. Gave a talk at research seminar on Thai megaraptorans

Jan 2017 – visit Museum für Naturkunde, collected data, compared tibiae of various theropods (Abelisaurids, Allosauroids, Coelurosaurs)

Feb 2017 – manuscript writing, analyzed Kinnareemimus phylogeny with new data matrix and reference. Teaching assistance in phylogenetic analysis using TNT.



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